LGBT-Friendly Counseling

  • Counseling can help provide crucial support during the “coming out” process
  • Working with a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist can help clients to deal with the unique family of origin issues that must be carefully navigated as individuals decide which friends and family members to come out to, and when and how to do so.
  • Couples Counseling is approached with a blend of humor and creativity along with solid therapeutic techniques.
  • Counseling can help provide support for the unique challenges that same sex couples face in parenting during these changing times.

 Over the years I’ve enjoyed working with several same-sex couples. I often hear comments such as, “For some reason, we make more progress with YOU than with our previous therapist…even though that therapist was gay and you’re not.” A prominent DC based therapist who is openly gay once reflected on this phenomenon saying, “That makes sense, because you can provide your clients with something that a gay therapist can’t: 100% complete acceptance from a heterosexual person.” 

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